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Are you guys a rescue or volunteers or what?

Yeah, we get that question a lot…

PAWS for Irving Animals started as a group of Irving Animal Care Campus “certified” volunteers back in 2012. We recognized some opportunities to increase the live release rate for the dogs at the Irving Animal Shelter, and we took action. At first, we established a social media presence on Facebook. ┬áThen we started doing all of the photos for the Facebook page so we started posting those dogs for the city on Petfinder.com as well. We also started doing things like off-site adoption events, responding to behavior inquiries, etc. We were helping rescues pick up dogs from the shelter, helping make veterinary appointments, and even running fundraisers for dogs that needed medical care.

As our involvement grew, it became more and more frustrating to see great dogs who didn’t get an opportunity. There simply weren’t enough adopters or rescues for them all, despite all our advocacy efforts. And then we decided to quit dipping our toe into the water and to just jump in head first.

In 2013 PAWS for Irving Animals became our own rescue organization, formed to rescue dogs from the Irving Animal Care Campus. We have a dedicated foster based throughout the DFW area and typically have somewhere between 35-45 dogs in foster care at any given time. Approximately 70% of the dogs we rescue come from the “Most Urgent” list at the shelter, meaning their “time is up”. ┬áSince our start as a rescue organization in 2013, we have rescued over 1,700 dogs from the Irving Animal Shelter!

While running our own rescue organization, we still provide online and onsite advocacy for the Irving Animal Shelter itself. Onsite we take photos, exercise the dogs and assist adopters. Online we continue to manage the social media, Petfinder and Petango sites.

So, yes – we are a rescue. But yes, we are still volunteers.

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