What to Do When Your Dog is Lost

Collie at playLosing your pet can be a devastating experience. Here are some tips on what to do.

  1. If it happens while you are there, pursue but not at a “sprint and scream” pace – this may scare your pet or make him/her think you are mad or upset – causing him/her to hide. Try to pursue on foot in a friendly fashion.
  2. Walk/drive carefully through your normal walking paths. If you have other dogs, bring them with you on leash. Your lost pet may recognize the smells/sounds of your other pets.
  3. After 30-60 minutes of searching, http://HelpingLostPets.com and/or http://www.LostDogsOfTexas.com. They have an easy-to-use link to create a free flyer for your pet. These flyers will posted on their FB page, which is visited regularly by many local shelters. You can also share the flyer to your FB page.
  4. Print the flyer and take it to local places of interest – especially veterinarian offices, pet stores, groomers, etc.
  5. Let your neighbors know your pet is missing. Reach out to others that are regularly in your neighborhood – landscapers, post office personnel, etc.
  6. Link to the flyer from your personal Facebook page.
  7. Contact your local animal shelter facility to make a “Missing Pet” report. You can email them the copy of the flyer you make on the Lost Dogs of Texas site – http://www.LostDogsTexas.NET/. When you visit their facility, be prepared to show photos of your dog. Be sure to ask if you have seen ALL THE DOGS. Oftentimes dogs that have come into the shelter recently are NOT in an area that is open to the public.
  8. Place your pet’s bedding, food and water outside the front door of your home. Remember – your pets are very smell-oriented. The smell of their familiar food and bedding might help guide them home.

Good luck, we hope your loved one is home soon! Never, ever give up!