Our Foster Dogs

WShepherd Dog with Fosterhy adopt our dogs?

They’re friendly, sweet, snuggly, and playful. These aren’t nightmare dogs that were thrown away because they were too tough to handle. These are dogs that were in tough situations. They were abandoned, needed medical care (like heartworm treatment or were hit by a car) or in most cases, just never given a chance in the first place. But once our team wraps our arms around them, they thrive and flourish. By the time they’re in your arms, they’re healthy, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go!


Our dogs are good old fashioned, follow-you-to-the-moon-and-back, loveable mutts. They’re “a mix of a mix and mix”. You’ll be adopting a one of a kind, mixed breed wonder. We’ve got them in all shapes and sizes. If you want to know the truth, we’ve loved every dog we’ve rescued. We’re sure you’ll love them too.

A rescue dog is a great dog, plain and simple.

If you love them, they’ll love you right back. And remember, when you rescue a dog, you save two lives: the one you bring home and the one who takes their place in our rescue.

Meet our adoptable dogs in foster care!