2016 Year In Review

2016 may seem like a blur between vet visits, training sessions and adoption events, but we are proud to share our successes from a great year.

2016 Year in Review

From January 1 through December 31, 2016 – PAWS rescued 309 dogs, 97% of which were directly from the Irving Animal Shelter. The remaining 3% of dogs were “guest fosters”, where we helped local families responsibly re-home their pets.

Throughout the year we went to the vet…a lot. Through the help of our partner veterinarians, 83 visits were for spays or neuters. We also treated 62 dogs for heartworms. Being diagnosed with heartworms will immediately place a dog on the “most urgent” list at many southern shelters, so our ability to rescue and treat these dogs with high need means that many “doomed” dogs get an opportunity to heal and find happiness.

PAWS for Irving Animals places dogs in our program in two ways: local adoption and transfer to approved rescue partners in the north. Why transfer dogs, you ask? In some areas of the country, the number of adopters is larger than the number of available dogs. Throughout 2016, 163 of our dogs were adopted locally while 156 found homes in the north through our rescue partners.

Running a rescue isn’t cheap. Here’s where our funds were spent, and where they came from:

2016 expenses2016 income 

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