Rescued by Road Trip

Mastiff with SuitcasePAWS for Irving Animals is proud to have developed a number of excellent rescue partners in New England, each of which is approved by their state’s Department of Agriculture.

North Texas has hundreds of great dogs being overlooked and often euthanized because we simply have more dogs than we have adopters here. However, in some parts of the country, successful spay/neuter and education programs have resulted in a shortage of adoptable dogs at local adoption centers. We are partnering with some of those organizations to send dogs who aren’t being adopted here to rescue organizations in the Northeast, where they will quickly find new homes. PAWS for Irving Animals has participated in transport programs since 2014, with excellent success.

About 65% of the dogs rescued by PAWS for Irving Animals were on the “most urgent” list, meaning they have already spent 4+ weeks at a shelter without being adopted. Placing them in foster care provides a supportive environment for the dog to be a beloved pet and be better prepared for adoption. Though no longer in the shelter, North Texas still has far more dogs than it does willing adopters. To give these animals the best chance possible at adoption, we partner with approved rescues in the northeast to transfer some of these dogs.

By shortening the length of stay for dogs in our foster program (either due to adoption locally or transfer to a rescue partner), we keep our foster homes open to rescuing more animals. This increases our impact. In fact, we’ve transferred over 1,000 dogs to partners in New England since we first started with transport programs in 2014!

Here are some of the dogs that have found their forever homes with our New England-based rescue partners!