Funding History

2016 Expenses and Revenue

Bow wow WOW – those expenses add up quickly! Ever wonder what it takes to run a responsible rescue? In addition to fabulous fosters, amazing adopters and reliable veterinarians, you also need the generous support of donors who help make it happen!

Here is how our funds were spent in 2016.

2016 expenses

What are those operating expenses? Great question. That includes supplies (crates, food, collars, harnesses), postage for mailing adoption confirmation packets, credit card processing and website hosting. We strive to keep those costs as low as possible, and to get as many supplies donated as we can.

Where did we get the revenue?

2016 income


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Want to see some of the happy pups who have benefited from these vet visits, training and boarding? Check out our Happy Tails album of adopted pups!


2015 Infographic2015 Year-End Results!

What a pawsome year! Through the fantastic work of fosters, the generous gifts of donors, the tireless care from our vets and of course our amazing adopters and rescue partners, PAWS for Irving Animals was able to rescue 318 dogs in 2015!  Here are our end of year stats!


















2015 Results to Date

2015 has been a big year so far and we have our donors, fosters, adopters and volunteers to thank! As of June 30, 2015, PAWS for Irving Animals has rescued 186 dogs from the Irving shelter or from Irving families. Those dogs were placed in short or long term foster care, and received medical care. Many have been adopted locally, while many more have participated in pet relocation programs with trusted partners.

Providing ongoing care for rescued dogs comes with expenses.  As of June 30, 2015, $28,825.87 has been distributed as shown below for care of the dogs.

Thank you for your ongoing support! Give now!

2015 Q2 Totals




2014 Annual Totals

Because of the support of over 450 generous donors, PAWS was able to distribute $47,964 to over 500 dogs who were adopted or rescued from Irving Animal Services in 2014.

2014 Disbursement Totals

Because of your support and the support of other donors, volunteers and fosters, PAWS for Irving Animals had many other achievements in 2014 that greatly benefited dogs in the Irving area:

  • PAWS for Irving Animals started our own long-term foster program through which we were able to place 26 dogs into adopted homes in 2014. 28 dogs were in long-term care with PAWS for Irving Animals fosters at the end of 2014.
  • Our partnership with the Love on Wheels program helped 194 dogs leave Irving, TX for adoption in upstate New York in 2014.
  • We built partnerships with several other rescue partners, resulting in 109 dogs that stayed in short-term foster care with PAWS for Irving Animals fosters before transporting to their new homes in Oklahoma, Rhode Island, New Jersey and North Dakota.
  • In all, PAWS for Irving Animals had 384 individual dogs in our short or long term foster care program throughout 2014!




2013 Annual Totals

The chart below shows our total fund disbursements for 2013.


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