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Do you need help rehoming a dog? Maybe you found a stray and haven’t been able to find it’s owners. Or perhaps you adopted a dog and you have discovered they just aren’t the right fit for your home. We want to help your dog find it’s perfect forever home and our Guest Foster program helps us help you!

Guest Fostering is a lot like fostering, except that you retain ownership of the dog until we find a suitable forever home for them. You will keep the dog, and be responsible for them, (including all costs), until we can place them with an adoptive family. So, instead of waiting for a foster home to open up, you can get your dog exposure online and at adoption events right away! Check out our Guest Foster requirements below to see if this solution is right for you.


Guest Fostering Requirements

 Dog Requirements

  • Clean bill of health – The dog must be healthy and seen by a veterinarian within the last 6 months with a clean bill of health.
  • Spay/Neuter – The dog must be spayed or neutered. If they are not already fixed, you can have the procedure done at your own expense and send us proof that it has been completed.
  • DHPP, Bordatella, Rabies – The dog must be up-to-date on all shots (DHPP/Bordatella/Rabies) and provide all vet records proving such. Note: Vet records submitted will be verified with veterinarian.
  • Regular Heartworm Preventative – The dog must receive monthly heartworm prevention and have had a heartworm test within the past 6 months if they are 1 year or older.
  • Microchip – You must be willing to have one of our approved veterinarians insert a microchip your dog if they are not already microchipped (this will be done at the cost of PAWS for Irving Animals).
  • Disclose behavior/health concerns – All behavioral and health issues are to be made known to PAWS for Irving Animals prior to acceptance of Guest Foster into program.

 Guest Foster Requirements

  • Guest Foster must be willing to foster the dog until a forever home can be found.
  • Guest Foster agrees that they will work with PAWS for Irving Animals in an effort to rehome their dog.
  • Once the dog has been entered into our Guest Foster program any friend, or family member who wishes to adopt the dog will need to go through PAWS for Irving Animal’s adoption process.
  • Guest Foster agrees to take full medical and financial responsibility for the dog until PAWS for Irving Animals has found a suitable forever home for them.
  • Guest Foster agrees to provide a loving and caring environment for the dog and to alert PAWS for Irving Animals if any behavioral or health issues arise.
  • Guest Foster must be willing to bring the dog to PAWS for Irving Animals adoption events at least twice per month.
  • Guest Foster must agree to sign an Owner Release once PAWS for Irving Animals has an approved adopter for the dog.
  • Guest Foster understands that the approval process for the adopter is left up to PAWS for Irving Animals and that they may not be given any information on the adopter, but they may be given updates on the dog in their new home if requested.
  • A home visit may be completed before final acceptance into the program.


We will help by:

  • Listing the dog on our various adoption portals (i.e., Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet, etc.)
  • Allowing your dog to attend our Adoption Events
  • Assist you in finding reduced cost veterinary care
  • Conduct background and home checks for potential adopters
  • Allow you to come in for professional photography of your dog, which helps attract more potential adopters who are searching online.


If you believe you can satisfy the requirements of our Guest Foster program, then please fill out our Guest Foster Application (below) to get the process started.

After we receive your application, we will contact you to meet you and the dog. At that time we require veterinary records for the dog and go over any questions you might have. We will also take additional pictures of the dog, if needed, to get them as much attention as possible online. We hope that our help in re-homing dogs will help to get your dog placed in their perfect forever home quickly!

Once your dog has been placed in a forever home you will receive a portion of the adoption fee.

If you have any questions about this program please email us at



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