Foster Program Leadership Roles

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External Operations Chair

  1. Coordinate and manage activities relating to our foster program, including but not limited to: adoption events, adoption process, online advocacy for foster animals, adoption interest for foster animals, medical needs of foster animals, communication with human fosters
  2. Provide leadership for Shelter Operations Team
  3. Serve as lead administrator for the PAWS dog database tools

Foster Coordinator(s):

  1. Communicate regularly with fosters regarding the care of their dogs and to encourage them
  2. Communicate medical needs accordingly to medical coordinator
  3. Communicate behavior issues accordingly to behavior coordinator
  4. Assist as needed with home visits for new potential fosters and adopters
  5. Conduct phone or shelter face‐to‐face interviews with new potential fosters

Medical Coordinator(s):

Document Review and Maintenance

1. Request and receive medical documents from shelter for all dogs in foster care
2. Analyze each set of documents to identify the medical needs of the dogs
3. Digitize records and save in the appropriate drop box
4. When vet records come in from external vets, add these new digitized versions of these documents to appropriate drop box

Vet Communication

1. For spays/neuters, reach out to the appropriate vet to set spay/neuter dates
2. Create individualized veterinary authorizations for each foster dog and submit to appropriate vets
3. Follow up with vets offices after procedures to ensure that medical summaries are sent along with invoices

Foster Communication

1. Communicate with fosters to let them know about spay/neuter dates (set up google calendar items that have details in the notes section re: feeding, drop off and pick up)
2. Communicate with fosters to let them know when authorizations have been sent in
3. Ensure that long‐term foster dogs have enough heartworm preventative

Volunteer Communication

1. Communicate with Foster Coordinators to ensure that all fosters know their vet dates and needs
2. Communicate with other admins/volunteers to determine the needs of non‐PAWS dogs that are in our care
3. Communicate with Treasurer to make sure there are adequate funds to pay for the various procedures required for animals in or care

 Adoption Coordinator

1. Reply to email inquiries about dogs in our foster care.
2. Set up meet‐greets between fosters and potential adopters
3. Coordinate and attend home visits for potential adopters as needed.
4. Confirm with External Operations Chair to ensure that adoptions are finalized (payment received, chip re‐assigned, hard copy of medical mailed)
5. Follow up 30‐days after adoption

Behavior Coordinator

1. Communicate with fosters and adopters regarding behavior issues
2. Schedule and facilitate in‐home visits to work with fosters and adopters as needed
3. Coordinate foster behavior training sessions at shelter or approved location